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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Elfarouk Yasser Farouk M. A. HARB
BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, Year 2
Elfarouk Yasser Farouk M. A. HARB Seeking new adventures and experiences, I chose to enroll in HKUST for university after graduating from DarElTarbia IGCSE School back in my hometown Egypt. Ever since I've come here, Hong Kong has never ceased to amaze me with the extremely friendly people and the amazing cultural diversity in HKUST. During my first year, I started doing theoretical Computer Science research with a professor and we were almost ready to publish my first peer reviewed paper. Make no mistake, HKUST is known for its rigorous academic courses and I've really learned a lot since I came here. I am very happy about the choices I made and I am eagerly looking forward to what the next few years in Hong Kong have in store for me.

When I first came to Hong Kong, I was certainly concerned that I wouldn’t find any friends whom I can relate and get along with. However, I was completely wrong! I met friends from all parts of the globe such as Korea, Taiwan, and even Norway! In addition, the local students here were very friendly and welcoming. I truly enjoy my university experience in Hong Kong.
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Nanret Senok
Programme: Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
My chosen major is Laws, and I aspire to be a corporate lawyer or to specialise in entertainment law.

CUHK has a great programme that teaches you both common and Chinese Law. Studying here also means that you immerse yourself in the culture, including learning how to speak Chinese. I strongly believe that the world we live in needs people who have a good sense of diversity and an awareness of other cultures, and CUHK really strikes me as a university with that ethos.
Nanret Senok
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong
J Barlow
South Africa
Programme: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences
J Barlow I applied to CUHK with the hopes of one day researching gene therapy for medical use. Life Sciences appears to be the ideal course to study in pursuit of this goal, as it encompasses both the broad picture of Biology and the more specialised fields of Molecular Biotechnology, Cell & Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, as well as topics in a number of other fields.

CUHK focuses heavily on research, and this appeals to me greatly as an aspiring researcher. CUHK also has an excellent reputation both globally and in Hong Kong, and this greatly improves employment and research opportunities.

Hong Kong is my favourite place in the world. The superb public transport system allows for excellent freedom of movement. The forests, mountains and ocean are simply beautiful and the city offers all that could be desired in terms of both culture and shopping
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Lingnan University
Antony Shingai Mudukuti
Programme: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
Pursing my studies at Lingnan has truly been an opportunity of a life time. It offers a steady and well-rounded environment where one cannot only obtain sought-after tertiary education, but also nurture their character, discover personal strengths and work on their weaknesses.

This is an opportunity I have appreciated everyday thus far and one that I will continue to treasure for eternity.
Antony Shingai Mudukuti
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Yew Chung Community College
Kouamé Urbain N’Da
Kangah Kangah Vivien
Ivory Coast
Programme: Associate Degree in Arts
Kouamé Urbain N’Da and Kangah Kangah Vivien
Left: Kouamé Urbain N’Da
Right: Kangah Kangah Vivien
World Citizens at Yew Chung Community College (YCCC)
N’da and Vivien both came from a far away country, the Ivory Coast, West Africa. They enrolled in our Associate Degree Year One in September 2009. Although both of them came from Ivory Coast, they had never met each other before. They became classmates in Hong Kong.

Fascinated by Chinese Culture
Vivien has been fascinated by Chinese culture for a long time. After he graduated from high school, he went to Guangzhou and studied in a vocational and technical school to learn Putonghua and Chinese culture. After studying in Guangzhou for two years, he was already able to use Putonghua to communicate, and he also participated in the Putonghua Proficiency Test. Besides, he can write simple Chinese, including his Chinese name, Gangaweiweian. In 2009, after he graduated from the vocational and technical school in Guangzhou, he came to Hong Kong and studied an International Business program in YCCC. He plans to study in the UK after graduating from YCCC because he would like to experience a different culture.

Vivien thinks that YCCC is a good college and he especially appreciates the small class teaching method. Vivien said, “Lecturers can understand every student, they can give proper guidance with my weaknesses in their minds. Compared with the school in Guangzhou, the learning environment is much better.”

Hong Kong is the best place to learn English
N’da came to Hong Kong because he wanted to learn English. Originally he was major in English in Ivory Coast University, however French was the main medium of instruction. After doing some research, N’da thought Hong Kong is a special city in China, and also is a metropolis. This not only gives him an opportunity to speak English, but also to explore and learn new things and face new challenges. Therefore, he thinks Hong Kong is the best choice for him.

N’da believes that the college lecturers’ proper guidance is the main reason why his English has greatly improved. “I mainly spoke French in the past. When I first came to Hong Kong, I did not feel comfortable to speak in English with lecturers, and sometimes I can’t even understand what the lecturers were talking about,” N’da said. “Thanks to the lecturers for their useful instruction and their observation of my learning progress. Now I feel comfortable to use English to communicate,” N’da said.

Studying Chinese is also part of the study life in Hong Kong. Before N’da came to Hong Kong, his father was worried about him, his father asked “Are you sure you are able to learn these words?” N’da replied, “I will try my best.” Fortunately, after starting study in YCCC, he found Chinese was not as difficult as he thought. Furthermore, N’da thinks that Chinese is interesting. Besides, participating in community activities provides a good chance to learn Cantonese. He was even able to ask passers-by in Cantonese if they wanted to buy flags when he served in the street last time.

In fact, the Ivory Coast and Hong Kong are two very different places, can he adapt to the life in Hong Kong? N’da understood and experienced Hong Kong culture through his classmates. Meanwhile, Hong Kong students also learnt about his culture.
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