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Study Pathways

We strive to provide young people with quality and diversified study pathways with multiple entry and exit points

We believe that most of you would have a goal of getting a bachelor’s degree from University. We understand that not all of you interested in studying in Hong Kong are able to meet the admission requirements to get into the programmes that you plan to apply for.

In fact, apart from undergraduate programmes, you can also choose a wide diversity of sub-degree programmes (Higher Diploma and Associate Degree programmes), various continuing and vocational programmes offered by our institutions that best suit your interests and ability. Then, you may consider studying a top-up degree programme to achieve your goal step by step.

After obtaining your bachelor’s degree in Hong Kong, you can continue to strive for further study here, for example, Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, and so forth. Our institutions do offer a wide array of high quality programmes at different levels for you to choose. We are sure that there must be one that suits your need.