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Vocational and Professional Education and Training

Apart from academic programmes, overseas students can also apply for vocational and professional education and training (VPET) programmes in Hong Kong, which aims to lay a foundation for the students’ continued personal and professional development and to prepare them for employment and/or further education. If you want to well equip yourself before entering the workforce and enhance your employability, VPET would be a good choice for you.

Member institutions of the Vocational Training Council provide VPET programmes up to the Bachelor’s degree level. Some of them also offer postgraduate programmes in collaboration with overseas institutions. In addition, there are various post-secondary institutions offering higher diploma programmes which seek to enable students to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills to support their employment at the para-professional level.

You may choose from a broad spectrum of programmes, covering a wide range of industries and catering for students with different backgrounds, interests and abilities, for example, design, creative media, business, engineering, information technology, hotel and tourism, Chinese Cuisine training, etc. We believe that there must be one that suits you the best.

Most of the above institutions have also built up valuable partnership with various industry stakeholders. Not only will the industry partners offer views on course planning, curriculum design and quality assurance, they also provide sponsorship for scholarships as well as opportunities for industry attachment.