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Hong Kong Education

All-round Education and Lifelong Learning” is the overall goal of education in Hong Kong. We are committed to -

  • fostering the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development of students
  • cultivating their adaptive, creative and lifelong learning capabilities as well as independent, multi-perspective and critical thinking skills.

We believe that everyone has potential. Our education and training are designed to enable students with diverse abilities, interests and aptitudes to unleash their full potential, so that they can become well-equipped to meet the challenges posed by globalisation and a knowledge-based economy.

New Academic Structure and Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education

The New Academic Structure (NAS) was implemented in Hong Kong in September 2009. ALL students in Hong Kong now receive 12 years’ school education (six-year primary followed by three-year junior and three-year senior secondary) and take only one public examination - the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination at the end of Secondary 6. The new structure aims at promoting whole-person and life-long learning capabilities of students, expanding learning opportunities and providing multiple progression pathways.

Undergraduate programmes changed from three year to four year long starting from the 2012/13 academic year.

Hong Kong’s post-secondary education institutions offer a variety of high quality programmes ranging from sub-degree to doctoral levels. We adopt international standards in curriculum design and quality assurance. All locally–accredited post-secondary programmes, both government-funded and self-financed, are required to undergo quality assurance before they can be offered in Hong Kong. Qualifications granted by post-secondary education institutions in Hong Kong are internationally recognized.

Apart from the academic programmes, you can also choose vocational training or some other short-term language programmes that best suit your interest and ability.

No matter what kind of post-secondary programmes you are planning to study, we assure that your learning journey in Hong Kong is fruitful and rewarding!