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After Graduation

Graduation does not mean an end of your journey in Hong Kong. It can also be a new page of your life…

Graduation is near, and figuring out what to do after graduation? Of course you can return to your home country or explore other places for further developments. However, if you want to further your study or establish your career in an international city yet facing the locomotive of the world’s growth today, i.e. China, staying in Hong Kong is a fabulous choice..

If you want to return home after your studies, you are advised to start planning your departure early. You’d also better check the immigration policies of your next destination. The consulate generals of your home country and the destination country in Hong Kong could offer valuable advice and assistance.

If you decide to further study or work in Hong Kong, there are plenty of academic programmes at different levels for you to choose. Also, we have favorable policy for non-local fresh graduates to stay in Hong Kong for 12 months after graduation without condition to seek jobs.

You don’t have any ideas on your plan after graduation now? Don’t worry! Staff of the international office of your institution stand ready to provide you with more information to facilitate your future planning.

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