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The first thing that you have to do upon your arrival in Hong Kong is going through immigration and customs clearance. The websites of Immigration Department and Customs and Excise Department provide you with more details of the clearance arrangements.

Here are some general tips for you to arrive in Hong Kong smoothly –

  • Documents you need to bring include your passport with a valid visa (if necessary), an acceptance letter from your institution, travel itineraries and tickets.
  • Bring the address, telephone number and contact person(s) of your institution, hostel and accommodation.
  • Although Hong Kong has a sub-tropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, the weather can be chilly during winter. Bring some warm clothes with you. A handy umbrella will also help as Hong Kong has quite a number of rainy days throughout the year. Please check the weather forecast prior to your departure.
  • You may need some initial petty cash in Hong Kong Dollar (say HK$3,000) for transport, food and miscellaneous expenses. Money exchange services are readily available at the airport and bank branches throughout the city.
  • It may take some time for you to open a bank account in Hong Kong. You may need to withdraw cash from your bank account in your home country. Please check with your home bank for details.

Going to Institutions or your accommodation
After you have completed the clearance arrangements, your next step is get to your institution or accommodation. We strongly advise you to arrange your accommodation well before your arrival in Hong Kong. Have your institution or accommodation address written in English and / or Chinese ready to show the taxi driver. If you choose public transportation, you may check out detailed schedules and directions first. Most institutions’ websites would show you the ways to get to their campuses. Some institutions also provide pick-up services from the airport. You may contact the institutions direct for more details if required.

Orientation Programmes
Orientation programmes organ ised by institutions would present a golden opportunity for you to better understand your institution and programme, and make new friends. Almost all institutions will organize a series of Orientation Programmes for newly-arrived non-local students, including such activities as city, campus and hall tours, cultural adjustment session, briefing session, etc., at the beginning of every academic year. You are advised to attend these programmes as they are designed to help you to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.