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Further Study in Hong Kong

Our education system in Hong Kong emphasises multiple pathways and multiple entry and exit points. That means you can have rich and diverse choices in planning your own pathways for future studies according to your interests, career aspirations and personal development. You may even consider pursuing research postgraduate study in one of the MPhil or PhD programmes offered by our institutions.

The following are some guidance for you to consider your future academic pathway –
  • Students graduating from sub-degree programmes can look for top-up degrees offered by both our local institutions as well as non-local providers (not applicable to students from the Mainland of China;
  • Students graduating from undergraduate programmes can either pursue a taught postgraduate programme (e.g. MBA programme) offered by local or non-local institutions (not applicable to students from the Mainland of China), or pursue research in one of our publicly-funded institutions;
  • Although you may already have a hectic study schedule for your current study programme, do not miss the application deadlines for the programme(s) that you would like to take for further study.
If you are considering to pursue further study in Hong Kong, our institutions do offer a wide range of academic programmes, from top-up degrees to postgraduate programmes for you to choose. Requirements for student admission may vary from institution to institution, and from programme to programme. It is better if you could study the course information and admission requirements carefully and contact the institution(s) you plan to apply for direct if further advice is required.

Financial Assistance

Although you will not be eligible for government grants and loans which are exclusively offered for local students, you can apply for various scholarship and fellowship schemes offered by the HKSAR Government, some of which are dedicated to non-local students. Please visit our “Scholarship” page for information on eligibility and application procedure.

Apart from the scholarships and awards offered by the HKSAR Government, post-secondary institutions and other public and private organisations do offer numerous scholarships to provide financial assistance for non-local students in pursuing their education in Hong Kong. Of course, the scholarships and awards will only be offered to qualified applicants.

Extension of Visas

If you are currently studying in a full-time locally-accredited local or non-local post-secondary programme in Hong Kong, your length of stay on your student visa should normally be in line with the normal duration of your study programme, subject to a maximum period of six years upon entry and the validity of the travel document held. If you decide to pursue further studies in Hong Kong after graduation from your current programme, you will have to apply for a new student visa / entry permit or extension of stay / change of institution / programme, as appropriate. Please contact the Immigration Department or visit their website to find out the procedures required.