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Calendar for Hong Kong Institutions

While each institution has its own specific calendar, here's a general guide of important dates throughout a typical academic year. Do check with your institution / faculty / department for their specific timetables, as schedules may change from year to year.

A typical academic year usually consists of two semesters, the fall semester from early September to late December and the spring semester from mid-January to May. Semester-end examinations are usually scheduled for late November/early December for the fall semester, while in late May/early June for the spring semester. Orientation sessions for first-year students are usually held in late August. Apart from weekends and the summer holidays (usually from mid-June to early September), you will also have days off during public holidays in Hong Kong.

Information on public holidays in Hong Kong can be found on the Government’s website.

Application Deadlines vary with institutions, faculties, departments or even individual programmes. Applications are due the spring semester prior to your intended entry date, but may fall as early as December in the year before or as late as May in the same year. Some institutions may offer several rounds of application. Prospective students with particularly impressive results or who regard a particular institution as their first choice can opt for submitting applications via a fast track. Some institutions may offer late applications for some of their programmes. In short, there is no unique application timeline for even a single institution. If you are able to pay a visit to Hong Kong before your study, you may even get a first-hand impression of your shortlisted institutions by joining their campus tours, which are normally held during the spring semester before your intended entry year.

You are advised to confirm the relevant deadlines and important dates regarding your application with your chosen institution well in advance.