Learning English

Most of our institutions offer a wide spectrum of English courses to meet students’ various goals, be it entrance for academic programmes, business or professional proficiency, or simply polishing interpersonal skills. Students can pick and choose from a broad spectrum of general, business or professional English courses. Academic language support and exam preparation courses are also available.

English courses offered are structured and cater for students of different English proficiency (from beginner to advanced).

Tutors are experienced and qualified on one hand, but lively and inspiring on the other. They are also happy to share their cultures with you. Some institutions even provide an online platform whereby students can “attend” online English courses / practices.

For those who want to pursue further studies outside Hong Kong after graduation, courses may also be offered for them to get prepared for obtaining the best possible results in internationally recognised English language examinations, e.g. the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination, and the University of Cambridge’s Business Language Test Service (BULATS).