Chinese Language Courses

Learning the language of a country often saves you half the effort on understanding its history and culture. If you are fond of the Chinese culture, or you simply want to grasp some short dialogues in everyday contexts that allow you to do bargain shopping, why not take the opportunity and learn Chinese here?

Universities in Hong Kong offers a wide variety of courses on Chinese language, including formal certificates, Putonghua courses for professionals, Cantonese courses for Mainland and foreign students, as well as Chinese language and cultural courses for international students, etc.

Institutions normally offer separate programs to native and non-native speakers of Chinese. Classes may be held once or twice a week, each with a duration of one or two hours long. Some of them bear credits. Some of them come with a fee or enrolment deposit, while some of them will be free-of-charge.

Students may be screened during the first lesson or so for placement into appropriate classes according to their language background and proficiency.

Don’t miss the opportunity. You can learn more about the courses available by contacting the international offices or Chinese language centres of your institutions for details.